And so she woke up…from where she was lying still

Sneaking in a TGI at the end of a crazy-busy Sunday.  I can’t say it was ever out of control, just very steady busy.

Today I am trusting in transition…in handing things off…in leaping and the net appearing.

Today I am grateful for weeks like this past week, which are both exhilarating and exhausting, and that give me time to catch up with colleagues in the broader surgical world who “get it”.

Today I am inspired by this guy.

Now playing: U2 “Running to stand still”- 9 years ago tonight I was in Vegas seeing U2.  It only seemed right to listen to a bit of them today.

Seasons come and seasons go, no matter what we choose

I know…another Sunday TGI.  Somehow my weekend slipped away again, though I am 100% certain I needed the downtime that I found.

Today I am trusting that the next two weeks will be great examples of getting “stuff” done.  From one perspective, the to-do list looks daunting. Based on the pace some of the projects have taken on lately, it won’t be a problem.

Today I am grateful for a weekend when I just put the slow-down on everything.  Yesterday had exactly no schedule, no structure, and no work.  I read, I walked Olivia, I did some restorative yoga…it was beautiful.

Today I am inspired by this piece by the Notorious RBG in the New York Times.  Even if you don’t agree with her politics (I’m trying not to judge you as I type that), it’s undeniable that she is a force of nature.  If I can be half as cool as she is I’ve done well in life.


Now listening: “Grace and Gratitude”- Olivia Newton-John- It was on tonight’s yoga playlist, and I loved the message.  Thanks, Lucy!

What you feel is here right now, every moment conceived somehow from another

A speedy Sunday evening TGI so I can get myself tucked into bed.  It’s been a whirlwind weekend including a “day trip” to DC for meetings and a lazy Sunday morning, complete with restorative yoga, followed by a strong run and an evening of music.  All of these things are things it’s simply not possible to complain about (even if the travel was tiring!).

Today I am trusting that I’ll have wisdom and discernment to manage a couple of challenges that are upcoming.

Today I am grateful for the opportunities to do the things I did this weekend. Had you told me 30 years ago that I would be able as a physician to use that political science degree I was earning, I would have told you that you might be crazy. It’s definitely more fodder for my “everything happens for a reason” file.

Today I am inspired yet again by my belief in finding your tribe and loving them hard.  It was pointed out to me last Thursday that I had folks SHOW UP FOR ME (big time!) when the chips were down recently, and that could not be more true. Again, grateful, and again, inspired by realizing all of the goodness in my life.

Now listening: Reckless Kelly “Under Lucky Stars”

When what we want the most has us terrified


An actual Friday night TGI, then it’s time to go read and snuggle kitties and pup.  See, my Friday nights really ARE all glamor!

Today I am trusting in bringing some dreams home in the coming season- consistent with tonight’s New Corn Moon.

Today I am grateful for feeling like I finally have some space to breathe this weekend.  Montana last weekend was a full-out decompression from a month’s worth of insanity.  I needed to be there, I needed to enjoy good food, I needed a long and challenging run. This weekend I feel like I can replenish and restore for real. It’s overdue.

Today I am inspired by what I was in the midst of three years ago today. We were spending the night in Sydney, Nebraska, a short day’s drive from being home with Olivia and her new life post-rescue in Utah. I am so grateful for this sweet and silly, sometimes complicated, always strong-willed and opinionated girl and the goodness that she brings to my life. Even if she does currently have a thing for incredibly stinky salmon treats.


“Woo, y’all!”

Now listening: Dawes “Roll Tide”- my listening jury’s still out on the new album.  I’ll get back to you if it grows on me, but this song is lovely in the meantime.

Who’s gonna pick up the pieces after I quit coming around?

Sunday night, home after a whirlwind trip to Montana for a little R&R and a little running…I was slightly more successful at R&R than running, but it was all good.

Today I am trusting in my ability to raise Hell when appropriate and necessary. It’s been both recently.

Today I am grateful for weekends away, for long runs in beautiful places, and for Olivia being a great traveler.

Today I am inspired by some folks in my tribe who have come through in incredible ways recently. I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it.  Find your tribe. Love them hard. You never know when you’ll need them.

Now Listening:  Reckless Kelly “Who’s Gonna Be Your Baby Now?” – I cannot WAIT for September 23 for the whole album.  I’ve missed these guys.


In the silence it’s crystal clear, there’s no undoing what has happened here

It’s a Friday! It’s TGI! I need a distraction from manuscript revisions!

I’ll openly admit it’s not been one of my favorite weeks on record.  Nothing has come easy, and I don’t anticipate that changing for the next couple of weeks- if then.

Today I am trusting. Yes, that’s it.  Today I am trusting.  And it’s enough.

Today I am grateful for people around me who believe, who “get it”, and who have my back when I need it most.

Today I am inspired by a little quote from Joan of Arc.  “I am not afraid. I was born to do this.”  Damn straight I was.

Now playing:  Bonnie Raitt “Undone”

It’s funny how dying is just living, we all do it one day at a time

A late night, I almost forgot TGI on Sunday night. As y’all know, these things happen.

Today I am trusting in the idea that naming those things that make us a little bonkers being liberating.  No, it doesn’t mean I’m going on a complain-fest; not my style.  But I am writing a few things down and putting them out there as things that I need to name and either change or change my attitude.

Today I am grateful for almost-September early mornings.  Olivia and I can both feel that subtle shift in the air when we’re out walking, and I’ll admit my love of that season change.

Today I am inspired by the idea of using curiosity to explore paradoxes that we see. So many questions, so many of them with no clear answer.



Now listening: Jack Ingram “All Over Again”- Run, don’t walk, if you haven’t heard his new album.  I’m in love with his music all over again.