I’m finally proud of who I am now

Sunday evening TGI this week. I did at least think about it the last two evenings…I just didn’t wander over here to post.

Today I am trusting that this sense that I currently have of all of the spinning plates being appropriately in the air isn’t going to turn into a rude awakening.  For the first time in a while I feel like I’m making some progress on some lingering projects.  I’m also using strategic “no” on a routine basis right now.

Today I am grateful for outdoor time today.  Two Olivia walks (she seems more into snuggles than walks this evening, thankfully) and a 4+ mile run. It wasn’t that cold if one was bundled up properly. Or layered properly, in the case of the run.

Today I am inspired by this fantastic and fun BBC bear video.  Maybe “inspired” isn’t the precise word, but if this doesn’t make your day better, I can’t help you.

Now listening: Bonnie Bishop “Ain’t who I was”  You’re welcome.

It’s all I’ve got, it’s my claim to fame

Two Fridays in a row.  That likely means two things: 1. minimal call this past week (true) and 2. I’m out gallavanting around (also true).

Today I am trusting that Sunday morning won’t be 2+ hours of running in 48 degree rain like it was last year.  Please?!?

Today I am grateful for plane flights that give me time to put my backside in a chair without interruptions. I’m pleased with what I got done today.

Today I am inspired by this little reminder that popped up in the email yesterday.  Truthbombs are always just that.


Now listening: Patty Griffin “I don’t ever give up”

When what we want the most has us terrified


An actual Friday night TGI, then it’s time to go read and snuggle kitties and pup.  See, my Friday nights really ARE all glamor!

Today I am trusting in bringing some dreams home in the coming season- consistent with tonight’s New Corn Moon.

Today I am grateful for feeling like I finally have some space to breathe this weekend.  Montana last weekend was a full-out decompression from a month’s worth of insanity.  I needed to be there, I needed to enjoy good food, I needed a long and challenging run. This weekend I feel like I can replenish and restore for real. It’s overdue.

Today I am inspired by what I was in the midst of three years ago today. We were spending the night in Sydney, Nebraska, a short day’s drive from being home with Olivia and her new life post-rescue in Utah. I am so grateful for this sweet and silly, sometimes complicated, always strong-willed and opinionated girl and the goodness that she brings to my life. Even if she does currently have a thing for incredibly stinky salmon treats.


“Woo, y’all!”

Now listening: Dawes “Roll Tide”- my listening jury’s still out on the new album.  I’ll get back to you if it grows on me, but this song is lovely in the meantime.

Who’s gonna pick up the pieces after I quit coming around?

Sunday night, home after a whirlwind trip to Montana for a little R&R and a little running…I was slightly more successful at R&R than running, but it was all good.

Today I am trusting in my ability to raise Hell when appropriate and necessary. It’s been both recently.

Today I am grateful for weekends away, for long runs in beautiful places, and for Olivia being a great traveler.

Today I am inspired by some folks in my tribe who have come through in incredible ways recently. I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it.  Find your tribe. Love them hard. You never know when you’ll need them.

Now Listening:  Reckless Kelly “Who’s Gonna Be Your Baby Now?” – I cannot WAIT for September 23 for the whole album.  I’ve missed these guys.


No dress rehearsal, this is our life

I know…a Monday morning TGI is pretty much unheard of.  Enjoy it while you can.

Today I am trusting in that beautiful idea of leaping and having a net appear.  I’ve never had it fail me yet.

Today I am grateful to be home and to be running a little late already because a certain cat (Tucker) simply couldn’t let me get out of bed this morning.  Who am I to say no to the Alpha animal of my house?  I’m also grateful that I don’t have to get on a plane for a whole 31 days.  Yes, you read that right. I’m beside myself!

Today I am inspired by a weekend with women who believe in the mission of Alpha Delta Pi and our Foundation deeply enough that they were part of our capital campaign that raised over $10 million. And as a bonus part of the weekend, when I got back to my room Saturday night the CBC was streaming the last concert by the Tragically Hip. While I knew of the band, I knew little of them even as someone with lots of musical “issues” (I’m not the only American who falls into this category). What struck me more than anything was the grace and the passion their lead singer, who has terminal brain cancer, showed throughout the concert.  I’m so grateful I caught a little corner of them, even at the last hour.

Have a beautiful week, all.

Now listening: “Ahead by a Century” by The Tragically Hip

Turns out we don’t get to know everything

A hasty TGI actually on a Friday before I head back in to tend to some important business.  It’s been quite the week, and there’s no sign of it slowing down yet.

Today I am trusting that things will start to settle a bit…just a little…and that everyone can continue to choose courage as we work on the hard stuff.

Today I am grateful for the amazing team of individuals who surround me.  I’m also grateful for patients and for families who help me remember how I ended up in this crazy life. Even on the hardest and longest days I am blessed to do this.

Today I am inspired by this:

CncvAxSW8AAZDiSLet’s do it, y’all.  take relentless, tender, fierce care of EVERYone.

Now Listening: Avett Brothers “Smithsonian”

They make me want to live like I never have before

It’s Friday! It’s TGI! I can hardly believe it myself.

Today I am trusting that I am finally getting my grounding back. I got home from Alaska midday Tuesday but getting back into life and structure has been almost impossibly hard following 10 days in the Tundra.

Today I am grateful for that time away that left me so disoriented and struggling to get back into my groove this week.  Time on the river is particularly good for my soul, and no where does that seem to be more true for me than in the Arctic.

Today I am inspired by one of our burn survivors and her story as she closes in on her one-year mark. I regret what caused me to meet her.  I will never, ever regret the fact that she came into my/ our worlds.  As I frequently say, our patients and families serve to make me a better person.

Now listening: case/lang/viers “Greens of June”