It’s so good to be back home…how you been doin’, Lord, I know it’s been so long…

It’s been a week and then some.
Last weekend was the annual Louisiana adventure- 3 girls, 4 days/ 3 nights, 16.2 miles of running. Lots of good food eaten. Stories told, dreams shared. They both came back home to SLC, I headed on to Dallas.
Got my fill of chicken enchiladas (Mia’s is every bit as good as it was in the 1980s and 1990s), breakfast with a favorite ADPi sister, and catch-up with friends at UT Southwestern as a visiting professor.
Home to…well, it’s kinda crazy here right now. If you could send your best house-selling juju my direction, I wouldn’t object.

Today I am trusting in that house-selling juju you’re sending me. So much of my life is simply unsettled until it sells; fortunately, housing on the other end is handled!
Today I am grateful for more things than I can count. If I had to narrow it to one thing, it’s been that time with friends this week. It’s been inspiring and I feel the most whole that I have in…well, a long time.
Today I am inspired by the grace of so many people around me. I have so appreciated the love behind the statement, “I’m happy for you and I’m sad for me/ us” when people discuss my upcoming move. Parts of leaving here are not at all hard and in some ways liberating. Parts of leaving here are phenomenally hard. It’s complicated, and I appreciate that people in my life are navigating that complexity with me and, again, supporting and loving through it all.

/now listening/ Wade Bowen “God Bless this Town”- Because it seems the right song to have on repeat when you’ve spent time in your “hometown” for the first time in more than 10 years.