Even when life falls apart, strong enough to break your heart

So, it seems there’s been almost a year break from this place. Gone but not forgotten.

I would say I’m not sure what happened but that’s a lie.  Short version?  It’s been a Hell of a year.  In retrospect, the good far outweighs the bad.  That said, the struggle has been very, very real in many ways.  Perhaps there will be a book one day.  Perhaps.

And, of course, life is going to get “good crazy” over the next few months.  New house, new job, new city.  Again, good things, and I’m seeking sources of stability, of normalcy, when things are a bit topsy-turvy. So I’m coming back to anchoring in my TGI process.

Today I am trusting that I will be able to use the next 10 weeks to get lots of projects tied up with a big bow on them. It’s part of my “graceful exit” strategy.

Today I am grateful for time I’ve found to reconnect with friends this week.  Billings…home…Austin…it’s all been good for my soul.

Today I am inspired by this partnership between my soon-to-be-employer and the public schools in Columbus. When I showed it to my Mom this week, she said, “I bet I know where someone will be spending some volunteer time once she gets moved.”  Putting together two of great loves- early childhood education and medicine-is simply a no-brainer opportunity.  I can’t wait!

Now listening: Radney Foster “For you to see the stars”