If you use “Bless your heart” as a negative

Friday night, Texas bound. I see December rain, breakfast tacos, good friends, and time in God’s country (College Station, for those not in the know) in my next 48 hours. I’m good with all of those things.  Well, I could do without the rain, but better this weekend than next.

Today I am trusting that my ability to connect using words is coming back to me.  It evidently packed up and left in November, and I really need for it to come home.

Today I am grateful for the insanely wonderful support system I have in all aspects of my life. It can be too easy to take those things for granted, and I simply don’t.

Today I am inspired by this very cool thing that the ever-fabulous Bridget is doing. The Bureau of Kind Objects brings together her intuitive nature and her generosity in a very special way.  My Kind Object was just perfect (technically, it was a pair since it’s earrings). Orange for 2nd chakra support?  Yep, I need that.


Now listening: Miranda Lambert “We should be friends”- Got any guesses on what my #1 album of 2016 will be?