Politicians never learn the golden rule: Do unto others, as you’d have them do to you

Saturday. TGI, though it feels a little weird this week.

Today I am trusting that maybe, just maybe we’ll all learn something about listening and respecting and loving right now.  It may matter more than ever.

Today I am grateful for lazy Saturdays that are enforced by a 12 pound cat.  Sometimes he does a better job reminding me of what I most need than I’m able to do on my own.

Today I am inspired by the people I’m surrounded with in my day to day life.  We may not agree on everything, but we love and respect one another.  Again, important stuff these days.

And now, a story, if you’ll indulge me. This morning I ran into some neighbors while we were both out walking our dogs, neighbors who I haven’t seen since earlier in the week.  We started talking about people’s reactions to the election this week and I commented that, as often, the Burn Unit felt like a haven of sanity this week. We do plenty of hard things on a regular basis and if we have one great collective skill set it’s loving one another through the tough times.  And I find myself both grateful and inspired to be part of a family like that, a group of people who have been practicing how to #choosecourage and #lovelouder for a long, long time.

Now listening: O.A.R  “I Go Through”- It’s a perfect anthem for moving forward, which is what I find myself needing to do in so many ways…