Sometimes the greater plan is kinda hard to understand

It’s Friday- is this two weeks in a row?!?

Today I am trusting my intuition about what I most need to manage energy these next few weeks.  Today there may have been a choice to not go to a meeting and instead go to yoga.  Even if the meeting was amazing, I chose well. The better part is that before I made that choice, I came across one resource about managing energy to do your best work, then shortly thereafter read another in yesterday’s email.  I’m listening, I promise!

Today I am grateful for how much I’ve learned in the last year or two about being kind to myself. Progress, not perfection.

Today I am inspired by this eloquent statement from someone I admire greatly about the upcoming election. Even if I don’t agree with your politics, please vote on Tuesday.  And please consider your choices with the most open heart that you can muster in these difficult times.

Now listening: Chris Stapleton “Drink a Beer” -You should listen too.