When what we want the most has us terrified


An actual Friday night TGI, then it’s time to go read and snuggle kitties and pup.  See, my Friday nights really ARE all glamor!

Today I am trusting in bringing some dreams home in the coming season- consistent with tonight’s New Corn Moon.

Today I am grateful for feeling like I finally have some space to breathe this weekend.  Montana last weekend was a full-out decompression from a month’s worth of insanity.  I needed to be there, I needed to enjoy good food, I needed a long and challenging run. This weekend I feel like I can replenish and restore for real. It’s overdue.

Today I am inspired by what I was in the midst of three years ago today. We were spending the night in Sydney, Nebraska, a short day’s drive from being home with Olivia and her new life post-rescue in Utah. I am so grateful for this sweet and silly, sometimes complicated, always strong-willed and opinionated girl and the goodness that she brings to my life. Even if she does currently have a thing for incredibly stinky salmon treats.


“Woo, y’all!”

Now listening: Dawes “Roll Tide”- my listening jury’s still out on the new album.  I’ll get back to you if it grows on me, but this song is lovely in the meantime.