Make it up that mountain, You’re gonna stand up big and tall

See, I’m trying to get back into the groove.  Between trying to get the house ready to go on the market (eep!) and trying to spend time catching up on reading (because I love books and words), I’ve kept myself entertained this weekend.

Today I am trusting that my slightly crazy and completely logical plan for getting the house on the market and sold by a month from now will work. Oh, and that a 45+ day closing will be fine with whomever falls in love with this place.

Today I am grateful for a Mama who is undoubtedly doing the heavy lifting with getting the house ready to go to market.  We’ve taken on a divide in conquer with me doing aggressive decluttering (very little is safe around here at the moment unless it has a name and is a sentient being) and her doing beautification. I say it routinely that I couldn’t do life without her ongoing support, and I mean that.

Today I am inspired by this TED talk on soundscapes and the inspiration they provide. Many of you know that I don’t run outdoors with headphones- I mean, I started running when music wasn’t portable anyway- and while there are the safety considerations, it’s primarily about connecting with the world around me. When I head out for my run this afternoon, I’ll be listening a bit more intentionally than usual. (HT: Karen Walrond of Chookooloonks; this link was part of the “Advent of Light” practice I’m reveling in right now).


Now listening: LeeAnn Womack “All the trouble”- The Lonely, The Lonesome, and the Gone” may be my favorite album of 2017.  If you’re interested, that is.

Even when life falls apart, strong enough to break your heart

So, it seems there’s been almost a year break from this place. Gone but not forgotten.

I would say I’m not sure what happened but that’s a lie.  Short version?  It’s been a Hell of a year.  In retrospect, the good far outweighs the bad.  That said, the struggle has been very, very real in many ways.  Perhaps there will be a book one day.  Perhaps.

And, of course, life is going to get “good crazy” over the next few months.  New house, new job, new city.  Again, good things, and I’m seeking sources of stability, of normalcy, when things are a bit topsy-turvy. So I’m coming back to anchoring in my TGI process.

Today I am trusting that I will be able to use the next 10 weeks to get lots of projects tied up with a big bow on them. It’s part of my “graceful exit” strategy.

Today I am grateful for time I’ve found to reconnect with friends this week.  Billings…home…Austin…it’s all been good for my soul.

Today I am inspired by this partnership between my soon-to-be-employer and the public schools in Columbus. When I showed it to my Mom this week, she said, “I bet I know where someone will be spending some volunteer time once she gets moved.”  Putting together two of great loves- early childhood education and medicine-is simply a no-brainer opportunity.  I can’t wait!

Now listening: Radney Foster “For you to see the stars”

I’m finally proud of who I am now

Sunday evening TGI this week. I did at least think about it the last two evenings…I just didn’t wander over here to post.

Today I am trusting that this sense that I currently have of all of the spinning plates being appropriately in the air isn’t going to turn into a rude awakening.  For the first time in a while I feel like I’m making some progress on some lingering projects.  I’m also using strategic “no” on a routine basis right now.

Today I am grateful for outdoor time today.  Two Olivia walks (she seems more into snuggles than walks this evening, thankfully) and a 4+ mile run. It wasn’t that cold if one was bundled up properly. Or layered properly, in the case of the run.

Today I am inspired by this fantastic and fun BBC bear video.  Maybe “inspired” isn’t the precise word, but if this doesn’t make your day better, I can’t help you.

Now listening: Bonnie Bishop “Ain’t who I was”  You’re welcome.

It’s all I’ve got, it’s my claim to fame

Two Fridays in a row.  That likely means two things: 1. minimal call this past week (true) and 2. I’m out gallavanting around (also true).

Today I am trusting that Sunday morning won’t be 2+ hours of running in 48 degree rain like it was last year.  Please?!?

Today I am grateful for plane flights that give me time to put my backside in a chair without interruptions. I’m pleased with what I got done today.

Today I am inspired by this little reminder that popped up in the email yesterday.  Truthbombs are always just that.


Now listening: Patty Griffin “I don’t ever give up”

If you use “Bless your heart” as a negative

Friday night, Texas bound. I see December rain, breakfast tacos, good friends, and time in God’s country (College Station, for those not in the know) in my next 48 hours. I’m good with all of those things.  Well, I could do without the rain, but better this weekend than next.

Today I am trusting that my ability to connect using words is coming back to me.  It evidently packed up and left in November, and I really need for it to come home.

Today I am grateful for the insanely wonderful support system I have in all aspects of my life. It can be too easy to take those things for granted, and I simply don’t.

Today I am inspired by this very cool thing that the ever-fabulous Bridget is doing. The Bureau of Kind Objects brings together her intuitive nature and her generosity in a very special way.  My Kind Object was just perfect (technically, it was a pair since it’s earrings). Orange for 2nd chakra support?  Yep, I need that.


Now listening: Miranda Lambert “We should be friends”- Got any guesses on what my #1 album of 2016 will be?

It ain’t love that I’m chasing, but I’m running just in case

Yep, it’s a Friday night TGI.  While I wait for a case, of course.

Today I am trusting in healing, in love, in kindness, in little miracles.

Today I am grateful for finally- finally- feeling like I’ve got my mojo back.  I don’t know if it was the time change, the election, the supermoon, or what, but I’ve just been off for the last 2 weeks.  Yesterday I woke up feeling mischievous and I had a great run.  Yep, I’m back

Today I am inspired by these pieces on hope and healing from some wise Buddhists.  I am beginning to value this perspective more and more.

Happy Friday and almost-Thanksgiving!

Now listening: Miranda Lambert “Runnin’ just in case”

Politicians never learn the golden rule: Do unto others, as you’d have them do to you

Saturday. TGI, though it feels a little weird this week.

Today I am trusting that maybe, just maybe we’ll all learn something about listening and respecting and loving right now.  It may matter more than ever.

Today I am grateful for lazy Saturdays that are enforced by a 12 pound cat.  Sometimes he does a better job reminding me of what I most need than I’m able to do on my own.

Today I am inspired by the people I’m surrounded with in my day to day life.  We may not agree on everything, but we love and respect one another.  Again, important stuff these days.

And now, a story, if you’ll indulge me. This morning I ran into some neighbors while we were both out walking our dogs, neighbors who I haven’t seen since earlier in the week.  We started talking about people’s reactions to the election this week and I commented that, as often, the Burn Unit felt like a haven of sanity this week. We do plenty of hard things on a regular basis and if we have one great collective skill set it’s loving one another through the tough times.  And I find myself both grateful and inspired to be part of a family like that, a group of people who have been practicing how to #choosecourage and #lovelouder for a long, long time.

Now listening: O.A.R  “I Go Through”- It’s a perfect anthem for moving forward, which is what I find myself needing to do in so many ways…